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Original (mainly French) documents from the factory

  To maintain higher quality to these documents, pages may be long to load.

Herald cabriolet, 1960   Herald cabriolet, 1960
Press photos.
Poster Triumph Herald 1960   Herald, 1960
Posters issued by the "Market Promotion and Training Department" (30x40")
Herald 948 cab   Herald convertible, 1960
Herald in USA, 1960   Herald in USA, 1960
Herald 12/50   Herald 12/50, 1963 "Skylight"
Herald 13/60   Herald 13/60, 1968
Guide Triumph 1963   Triumph range in 1963
The "Guide synoptique des sensationnelles Triumph"
Spitfire 4 (MK1)   Spitfire 4, 1963
often called "MK1"...
Triumph Spitfire 4 MK2   Spitfire 4 MK2, 1965
With specifications
Spitfire MK3, 1968   Spitfire MK3, 1968
1300 cm3 and a new hood !
Spitfire MK3, 1970   Spitfire MK3, 1970
Cosmetics differences.
Spitfire MK4, 1971   Spitfire MKIV, 1971 (and 1972)
On the beach...
Spitfire MK4, 1974   Spitfire MK4, 1974
"Sports car"
Spitfire 1500, 1976   Spitfire 1500, 1976
(Something like "how to meet girls..")
Spitfire 1500, 1976, RHD   Spitfire 1500, 1976, Right Hand Drive, 3 pages, dimensions and complete specifications
Spitfire 1500, 1977   Spitfire 1500, 1977
3 pages for adventurers, Spitfire and helicopter...
Vitesse mk1   Vitesse (mk1), 1965
"A life in luxury.."
complete specifications
Vitesse 2l mk2   Vitesse 2l mk2, 1968
"This is for ambitious..."
complete specifications
GT6 MK1   GT6 (MK1)
"Showing where to put the suitcase"
GT6 MK2   GT6 MK2
Sports and blonde.
Triumph GT6 MK3   GT6 MK3
The Avengers !

Other catalogs to come... On this site, don't forget the Photos page and the "Page de Pub", a page by Eric Gassiarini, with commercial adverts from (mainly French) magazines.

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